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Competitive Teams

The GCRD Competitive Season is approximately December to July annually. When you see GCRD talk rankings, we are referring to our charter or A-team roster (think: varsity or travel team), The Purple Reign. These twenty skaters compete all season to climb the international WFTDA ranks.

Our B-team roster, The Violet Femmes, frequently travel with Reign to compete in double-headers with other teams' B-squads. Our C-team roster, Lavender Haze, sometimes takes the track at our home venue and is made up of our newest skaters gaining experience against teams outside of Gem City. These two teams' have fluid rosters of eligible skaters within the league.

Rookies aren't yet roster-eligible skaters, but don't count them out--once they meet all safety and skills requirements, they'll be eligible to be rostered for bouts!

Archangel Anarchy 697
Beast Mode 66

Blitzkrieg Becks 1974
Busty St.Claire 1776
Cheyann Bean 909
Debo 721
Defiant Ti-Rant 216
Degen Danger 182
Doce 12
Duchess 321
Glitch 33
Honey Basher 49
Hot Toddy 66

Just Die 1209
Kayotik 1086
Laya 8
Leslie Nope 221

Lexical Dexterity 84
Lemon Teeny 120
MurderMaid 86
Natasha Rollemoff 81
Poundcake 314

Ruthless Skater Ginsburg 44
Shredder 27
Slayer Cub 06
Slamwise Gamgee 111
Slayer Cub 06
Spacey 9

Stonewall Riot 330
Supersonic 10
Tara Hole-Inu 101
Tripsy Hazzard 311

Whiplash 39
Wreck-it-Rosie 13


Last Updated March 2022

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