Competitive Teams

The GCRD Competitive Season is approximately December to July annually. When you see GCRD talk rankings, we are referring to our charter or A-team roster (think: varsity or travel team), The Purple Reign. These twenty skaters compete all season to climb the international WFTDA ranks.

Our B-team roster, The Violet Femmes, frequently travel with Reign to compete in double-headers with other teams' B-squads. Our C-team roster, Lavender Haze, sometimes takes the track at our home venue and is made up of our newest skaters gaining experience against teams outside of Gem City. These two teams' have fluid rosters of eligible skaters within the league.

Rookies aren't yet roster-eligible skaters, but don't count them out--once they meet all safety and skills requirements, they'll be eligible to be rostered for bouts!

2019 WFTDA 20
10 Supersonic (Captain)
84 Lexical Dexterity (Captain)
101 Tara Hole-Inu
1209 Doity Die
1337 Heartless Glitch
1974 Blitzkrieg Becks
400 Florida Man
4077 Hot Wheels Houlihan
48 Owl B Back
49 Honey Basher
666 BeastMode
697 Archangel Anarchy
721 Debonatrix
86 Murdermaid
9 Outer Spacey

Photo taken August 2019 by bigslim

Last Updated December 2019

Archangel Anarchy 697
Beast Mode 666
Beetlejuice 237
Bettie Krueger 934
Blitzkrieg Becks 1974
Bustang Sally 2
Cheyster 909
Dahmer Doll 12
Debonatrix 721
Defiant Ti-Rant 216
Divine Madness 264
Dread 59
Dutchess of RBF 321
Florida Man 400
Genghis 1227
Harrowing Banshee 17
Heartless Glitch 1337
Hermione Danger 182
Honey Basher 49
Hot Wheels Houlihan 4077
Just Die 1209
Kayotik 1086
Lexical Dexterity 84
Lemon Teeny 120
Malice in Jammerland 85
MicroVixen 16
Mona Lott 22
MurderMaid 86
Outer Spacey 9
Owl B Back 48
Pitbullrabbit 2997
Poundcake 314
RuMaul 615
Ruthless Skater Ginsburg 44
Shredder 27
Slayer Cub 06
Smack Crackin 74
Stonewall Riot 330
Summer Assault 505
Supersonic 10
Tara Hole-Inu 101
Whiplash 39

Last Updated December 2019

3rd Degree
Bruise Springsteen
Le Tasi
Wreck-It Rosie

Last Updated December 2019


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