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Are you 18 or over?

All future members must complete the member interest form below to be contacted:

Officials and volunteers should allow at least two weeks before attempting to follow-up. Interested Recruits not interested in volunteering now will not be contacted until an Open Recruitment period is set to begin.

Under 18?  Chat with the Junior Gems! Click HERE to visit the Dayton Junior Roller Derby Facebook page or email


New Skaters

Join us during an Open Recruitment month! In this time, new skaters or Recruits are taught the basics of derby and skating skills. Recruits who decide to become a member at the end of Open Recruitment, train to eventually compete as skating athletes on one of GCRD's recreational and/or competitive teams.
All participants must bring a photo ID.
Participants interested in skating must bring a mouth guard.
Limited loaner skates and loaner gear available.
Try out Skating Athlete membership during an Open Recruitment month for just $25. The schedule of practice opportunities throughout the month will be available to recruits when they register for Open Recruitment (the cost breaks down to about $2.00 per 2-hour practice). Should you decide to become a member, that amount becomes your dues. Membership dues and Open Recruitment registration fees help cover the cost of the facility rental.  

Not sure you want to be a skating athlete? We accept and train officials (skating referees and non-skating officials or NSOs) and general volunteers all year long at no cost to you! 
Skaters should be able to skate on quad skates (you can get even more practice in during public skating sessions--if you can stand, roll, and take any strides, you're good!), but interested recruits do NOT need any derby skills or knowledge because we'll teach you those!

Gem City Roller Derby is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) and accepts skaters who identify as women, trans women, intersex women, and / or gender expansive. However, ALL genders are accepted for official positions, including skating referees and non-skating officials, as well as other volunteer positions.
*We have limited loaner skates and safety gear available (but no mouthguards). Equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please bring your own mouthguard and photo ID to each practice. See you soon!

We currently practice at Skateworld Of Vandalia located at 333 S Brown School Road, Vandalia, Ohio 45377.

Transfer Skater

Already a WFTDA skater? 

We ask for two letters of recommendations from the leadership (Board member, Captain, Coach) of your previous league or a league you worked closely with. We'll also ask for a notice of your skill level (you're passed off on WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, etc.) from your former league's training staff. If applicable, please ensure your previous league has released you from their roster on the WFTDA Dashboard.


Roller derby has two types of officials: skating officials (referees) and non-skating officials (NSOs). ALL genders are accepted for official positions, including skating referees and non-skating officials. Officials typically attend scrimmage practices to hone their skills, and interested officials can start any time.
Since referees are on skates, they have requirements similar to skaters. 

Since NSOs don't wear skates little is required to get started. Put on a pair of closed-toe shoes and come join the fun!

No one knows the rules better than a good official, so take a look at the latest WFTDA Ruleset.

Visiting Officials:

Are you looking for more opportunities to expand your officiating skills? You can sign up to officiate a GCRD home bout for the 2023 season. Start by filling out this form. The Head Official for any bouts you expressed interest in will contact you prior to bout day with more details.


Interested in being a league volunteer? Dedicated league volunteers not directly involved in gameplay can fill a variety of positions. ALL genders are accepted for volunteer positions.

On bout day, we need dedicated persons to set up, tear down, manage live updates for social media, announce, re-tape the track during the game, manage the music, assist other league staff as needed, and be on standby for medical emergencies. Each role helps! For example, announcers play a big part in pumping up audience participation.

Outside of bout day, our organization utilizes a variety of skills to include team management, graphic design, marketing, public relations, social media management, event planning and coordination, as well as emergency or sports medicine. As an organization, we can provide guidance for nearly all volunteers in their roles except those supporting GCRD as medical professionals.
For information on who may volunteer as Professional Medical Staff, please see page 12 of the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines

If you are a person interested in internships or otherwise validating service hours, please let us know when you sign up so we can ensure you're taken care of. 

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