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A Short History of ECDX

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the East Coast Derby Extravaganza hosted by Philly Roller Derby. This is the first year that Gem City will be participating in the Extravaganza (commonly shortened to ECDX).

This event is 3 full days of 3 active tracks – 2 of which are dedicated to full WFTDA-sanctioned bouts and the other set aside for Challenge Bouts. The Challenge Bouts are abbreviated bouts with no official reviews or time outs. Skaters from all over the world gather for black/white scrimmages during the Challenge Bouts. All in all, over 50 bouts are jam-packed into one epic weekend. The event isn’t solely focused on bouting!

Vendors will be selling wares and the organizers have tons of activities scheduled throughout all 3 days aiming to bring skaters of all walks of life and corners of the globe together. This year there is a Summer Camp Theme to all activities!

ECDX is officially a WFTDA Recognized Tournament, which basically means they have their act together. WFTDA provides Recognized Tournaments with additional support, marketing material, and live-streaming.

Truly, this is an international affair. Over 150 leagues have skaters, officials, NSOs, and rabid derby fans descending upon ECDX. In fact this year, Gem City will be taking on a team coming all the way from New Zealand – the Pirate City Roller Girls! Hey – remember that blip about live-streaming? Check out the Facebook page for ECDX for more information and listen to your Gem City Purple Reign on Saturday, June 18th at 4:30 p.m.! To follow your Gems travels and adventures at ECDX and beyond, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we will be posting photos, videos and updates using hashtag #ReignOn!

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