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Stay Home So We Can Play And Officiate Roller Derby Again  👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽

April 18, 2020

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July 2016 Featured Official: Princess Troublegum

July 1, 2016


Name: Princess Troublegum


Favorite NSO Positions: Penalty Timing and Line-up Tracking. Both positions keep me on my toes for the whole game. The box can get busy and managing the times for several skaters can be hectic and exciting. Keeping an eye on who is on the track for line-up tracking purposes is also a job that requires attention. Both positions make me feel very involved in the movement of the game.


Why I derby: I’ve always been a comfort zone person. I’ve been ambitious in my own specific ways, but derby for me was WILDLY outside of my comfortable little box. I had never played a sport. I discovered I had horrible exercise-induced asthma. I was more or less terrified of everything. And you know what? It didn’t matter one bit. I showed up, I tried, and I was welcomed. I met a large group of incredibly loving people who wanted me to succeed– and I wanted them to succeed. The people I met have become my friends, my team, my family. They have encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, and they have helped me learn so many things about life, derby, and myself. When something good happens, I have a whole team to celebrate with. When something bad happens, I have a whole team to surround and support me. Derby is amazing– whether you are skating or not.


How I got into NSOing: I started as a skater for Gem City in 2013, but as Fresh Meat, I was expected to help out at the games as an NSO. NSOing really helped me learn a lot about how the game was played as I practiced my skating skills. I skated a season with Gem City, but I was sidelined with an injury. After recovery, I decided to focus my attentions to NSOing full-time.


Favorite Ice Cream: Raspberry Chocolate Chip


Favorite Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats


Fitness Routine: Not skating after my injury left a big hole in my fitness life. I took up running as a way to fill that hole, and I have fallen in love. I am an active member of House Hufflepuff in the Hogwarts Running Club, and I love participating in local 5ks and various virtual races. I’m currently running my way through Middle Earth in a virtual race. It is a lot of fun to track miles and see the progress as I carry the virtual ring to Mordor. It also helps get me out the door when I don’t always feel like it.


Life Outside of Derby: My non-derby job is teaching writing and literature courses at Edison State Community College. I am the faculty advisor for the honor society, gaming club, and book club.

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