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September 2016 Featured Official: Scotchy Scotch Scott

Name: Scotchy Scotch Scott

Favorite NSO Position: I love working in the penalty box. It’s a fun challenge to push myself to time penalties with precision, and penalty-heavy games can be a lot of fun as I work to stay on top of many things happening in the box at once.

How I got into derby: A friend started reffing, and invited a group of us out to the team’s home opener, where he’d be reffing his first game. A couple friends instantly decided they had to try this derby thing, and started at open recruitment immediately. I went to the second game of the season, too, then one of those skaters told me they were looking for volunteers to help with the third game. I came by practice, learned to scorekeep, and have been hooked on NSOing for three years, now. Since then, I’ve learned all the positions, earned certification as an NSO through WFTDA, and have become active on the derby tournament circuit when I’m not helping the league train and manage NSOs for our own home games.

Why I derby: I’ve met all kinds of great people officiating for derby. Skaters, NSOs, referees; the derby community is diverse and engaging. In high school, I built sets and worked backstage for our theater program, and NSOing hits a lot of the same notes for me: I get to support friends and their passions, doing something fun and worthwhile, all from the (metaphorical) shadows where I’m not the center of attention. And the afterparties are a lot of fun. Also, the dirty secret is that the spotlight catwalk is the best seat in the house and you learn the plays inside and out as well as the actors; the same goes for most of the NSO positions.

Favorite pizza order: “Some meat, no mushrooms”

Life outside of derby: I do contract work in Information Technology to make a living, and I like to play board games for fun when I’m not doing derby.

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