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A Very Derby March

Have you missed your Purple Reign and Violet Femmes in the off-season? They’ve sure missed you. Get ready, because the 2017 competitive season is coming in like a lion! This March, Gem City Roller Derby has three—count them—THREE roller derby bouts for your spectating pleasure.

Join us March 12th, 6 PM at Orbit Fun Center for our final recreational match. With special guests LuLaRoe, Plunder, and the Girl Scouts (cookies!) on site, you won't want to miss it. The Bully Frogs (2-1) will take on Murder Squad (2-1) and put the off-season recreational play to bed. Get a sneak peek of the talent you’ll see again (and again!) during the competitive season.

The Bully Frog’s Reckless Ratchet is a formidable jammer for Gem City’s WFTDA-ranked Purple Reign. But if you thought she was a force to be reckoned with last year, consider this: she spent off-season blocking for the Bullies. Adding “impenetrable blocking force” to a star jammer’s repertoire is almost unfair to the competition.

But wait. Murder Squad’s captain is none other than Ohio All-Star MVJ, Supersonic! She’s got moves that defy physics and crush souls. And you better believe the Squad is flourishing under her toe-stop-dancing tutelage.

Headlining stars like jack-of-all-pains, Racey Rocker (Bully Frogs) will face off with juking queen, Heartless Glitch (Murder Squad). Track terrors Tara Hole-Inu and Beast Mode (Bully Frogs) will go toe-to-toe with Hot Wheels Houlihan and Wednesday Splat’ems (Murder Squad). And don’t forget our up-and-coming stars, like Strawberry ShortQuake and Honey Basher (Murder Squad) who each took home an MVP award last month from their very first competitive bout. Over the course of the last six months, dozens have improved and risen. Come, choose your favorite, and prepare to watch the gloves come off as they transition from teammate-on-teammate play to all out derby madness later this month.

On the weekend of March 25th & 26th,

recreational teams officially dissolve and meld back together as a unified league to face external competition. First up on the menu, Cleveland’s Burning River Roller Derby. Founded in 2006, like Gem City, Burning River’s All-Star team is currently ranked #107 by the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association)—to Gem City’s #103. The competition couldn’t be closer. Don’t miss this white hot season opener!

Watch the ranked match between the Burning River All-Stars and Gem City’s Purple Reign on Saturday, March 25th, first whistle at 6 PM. Come early to claim seats, and grab tickets online today. This one’s sure to sell out! Come back Sunday morning at 10:30 AM to watch Gem City’s Violet Femmes take on the Burning River Hazmat Crew.

Does this all sound too good to be true? I know. It does. But there’s more good news. Take a breath. SEASON PASSES are on sale today. A season pass grants admission to all regular season home bouts for 2017. That’s a total of seven bouts—usually $10 each per adult—for only $39. (Youth passes available for $19.) Save BIG and pick up a pass today.

We can’t wait to see you at the roller derby!

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