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It's Reigning Derby - Hallelujah!

If you thought March was a derbylicious month, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Our Purple Reign and Violet Femmes are just getting into the swing of the competitive season. April has three—fo’ real, THREE—home bouts at Orbit Fun Center for your derby viewing pleasure. Believe me when I say these are going to be some must-see matches, because boy are things heating up in the land of Gem City Roller Derby.

In March, both the Reign and the Femmes killed it at the competitive season home openers against Cleveland’s Burning River Roller Derby. On Saturday, March 25, Reign dominated the track against the BRRD All-Stars, as star jammers Supersonic, Reckless Ratchet, and Heartless Glitch took scoring passes out the wazoo. Fancy footwork abounded as these Gem City pros worked their way through the Burning River blockers. But let’s not forget our Reign blockers who cleared the way for the jammers and held their defensive walls like nobody’s business. The Reign ended the night with a big win at 313 to 98. We’ll cheers to that!

The following morning, our Violet Femmes took on the Burning River HazMat Crew. Tensions were high heading into halftime, as the Femmes lagged behind by 28 points. But the only thing stronger than the walls were the Femmes' spirits. The team knew they had to win it all for Femmes star Turbulent Flo, who would leave for a move to Albuquerque just hours after the game’s end.

The second half had a strong start, and to the hootin’ and hollerin’ delight of the Femmes fans, the team took lead for the first time all game with only minutes left on the play clock. Both sides pressed forward, skating neck-to-neck. The score was as tight as a pair of hand-me-down skates. In the final jam, Femmes jammer Turbulent Flo took the line for the last time as a Gem City Roller Derby skater (for now…) to carry the Femmes to victory in an exciting—but exhausting—push for the final points. When the dust settled, the final score was Violet Femmes 178, HazMat Crew 172.

But wait! That’s not even the coolest news on the GCRD front. As our loyal followers are well aware, Gem City has been treading at a steady WFTDA ranking just below 100 for the last two seasons. With the Burning River win under our belt, and an away win against the Cornfed Derby Dames, Gem City scaled the heights, earning a spot in the top WFTDA 100. Yahoo!

Needless to say, the Reign and Femmes are entering April with high spirits and a booty-kicking attitude. Don’t miss your chances to be in on these exciting times! Gather your friends and head to Orbit Fun Center this Saturday, April 8, 2017 for the Violet Femmes' second home bout against Youngstown, Ohio’s Little Steel. A strong team of veteran Femmes will be joined by one of Gem City’s newest skaters, the ever so sly and sassy Shredder. This bout also gives us the chance to welcome back the beloved—but fierce—Demented Damsel after her short-lived retirement from this addictive sport.

You’ll have two weekends to take a breather from all the excitement before it’s time to join us for another double-header weekend. On Saturday, April 22, 2017 the Purple Reign rematch against Muncie’s Cornfed Derby Dames will kick off the weekend. Let’s see if the Reign can take the win once more! The next morning, on Sunday, April 23, 2017 the Violet Femmes take on Jewel City Roller Girls from Huntington, West Virginia. You’ll want to arrive early and find a good seat for this bout, as the Femmes bring out a combination of some brand-spanking-new players and seasoned pros. Witness as the stealthy Shredder takes on her second bout alongside tough-as-nails ShakeUp in her first Femmes game. These gals may be newbies, but they lost their training wheels a long time ago during the home season, so watch out! This bout also serves as a bittersweet goodbye to three-year Femmes skater MegaBytes as she heads out west to start at her dream job in California. We’ll miss you, Mega!

Folks, there you have it. I tell ya, there’s no denying that this rainy spring month is going to bring some serious action to the track at Orbit Fun Center. With the Purple Reign on the rise in the WFTDA rankings, and the Femmes playing an eclectic mix of seasoned veterans and new talent, there won’t be a dull moment here at GCRD.

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