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Gem City's Back and Gem City is Ready!

Long time, no see, Dayton! It’s been a while…

Well, actually, it hasn’t been so long. If you’ve been checking out our Recreational League Season you saw an amazing Championship just last month! The Bully Frogs beat out the Snark Attack 173 to 135. It was an amazing game! Gem City is so happy have some really amazing up-and-coming skaters. This is our second season with a Recreational League, and every year the skaters have gotten stronger and more impressive!

Right now we’re on holiday break, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t big news in the derby world.

ICYMI, the Women’s Flat Track Women’s Association (WFTDA) recently released the latest international rankings, and Gem City is listed at 79. To give you some context, there are currently 340 leagues internationally. So, for a small market, Gem City is packing a big punch! Gem City started out in January 2017 at 105. That’s a massive leap of 26 spots!

And Gem City has massive plans! The Purple Reign and Violet Femmes will start their season in Indianapolis, with both teams playing a scrimmage against Naptown Roller Derby.

The first official game of the season will be 2/11 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s a rematch of last year’s amazingly close season opener, where both Reign and Femmes came back a little disappointed. The Reign lost 194-213 in a nail-biter, and Femmes had a tough game against a tough Fort Wayne SWAT Team (154-249).

Both Reign and Femmes clearly have something to prove at that game. But that’s not the only rematch of the season. The Reign are also playing West Virginia Roller Derby (known as Beckley previously) away on 3/10; the Reign beat Beckley at last year’s season closer (191-144) at our first game at the Dayton Convention Center. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on!

But the Reign and Femmes are also playing exciting new opponents! The Reign is playing Royal City (Ontario, CA), Chicago Outfit, Dub City (Lakeworth, FL), Steel City (Pittsburgh), and Toronto.

Femmes are playing Royal City, Chicago Outfit, Enchanted Mountain (NY), and Dub City.

Fun fact: Gem City played only one international team prior to this year. They’ll definitely play at least two international teams in this year alone. What an exciting time for Gem City, as we start to get quite the international profile!

But when can you see Gem City? We thought you’d never ask.

Here’s some SAVE THE DATE information, just for our fans! MARCH 18 / APRIL 21 / MAY 12 / JUNE 9 & JUNE 10 / JULY 11

We’ll be releasing more information soon! We have so much to look forward to this season! For now, save those dates, everyone! We can’t wait to see you! Derby Love,

Lexi Dexi


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