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Beating the Holiday Blahs with Gem City Roller Derby: Exclusive Q&A with Reckless Ratchet and De

A festive greeting from Gem City Roller Derby!

Gem City will be playing its first full season at the Dayton Convention Center on April 2, May 12, June 9 & July 7! We cannot wait to see you!

Have you gotten your Season Tickets yet? They are available NOW!

While we’re excited to see our fans soon, we also want to extend our gratitude to every fan and volunteer we have! You all are amazing, and have made the last eleven years wonderful!

We also know you might be feeling a bit sluggish from being a bit overindulgent this holiday season; some of us surely are! As as league we are still resting until the beginning of January, when we return to practice and gear up for a new season of Gem City Roller Derby.

Guess what? You can join us! Did you know we’re having open recruitment on Thursdays and Sundays the entire month of January? We’d love to have you join us! Meet us at 9pm on January 4th. Learn more about our open recruitment program here!

But until then, we wanted to ask some of our wonderful skaters how it is that they fit fitness into their busy lives. We all know that this time of year we can all get as little bogged down with family, friends, and parties. It can be hard to fit in a decent workout routine.

So, to inspire us, we thought we’d look at the routines of a few skaters from our league. And who better to ask than two captains. We wanted to know how they stay motivated to work out, and what advice they have for new derby skaters.

So, we hope you enjoy our interviews with Reckless Ratchet, the co-captain of the Purple Reign, and Debonatrix, the captain of the Violet Femmes!

Q: How many hours a week do you work out and how do you stay motivated?

Reckless Ratchet: Well, I started my off season with sickness and lost a week there. Then I hit it hard for a weak training twice a day with weights in the morning and running at night. total about 2 hours a day. Then life and owning a business got in the way and made my workouts spotty... and you know what? That's ok! I used to feel guilty, like I was letting my team down with every missed workout. Unfortunately life can get in the way of our goals and hobbies. So instead of beating my self up about they cardio I didn't get in or the weights I didn't have time to lift, I've been counting my macros and focusing on making better eating decisions.

Debonatrix: I workout about 10 hours a week: 5 hours cardiovascular and 5 weights. I have a lot of motivations. The biggest is that I feel better and I have so much more energy and I know I don't want that to go away. Also, I know I want to come back as a strong skater for the upcoming season and that involves outside work.

Q: What are your personal fitness goals for the holiday season?

Reckless Ratchet: My personal fitness goals are to lose 10% of my body fat.

Debonatrix: Last season, I gained 25 lbs and I went up 2 sizes because my only workouts were derby and a little bit of running here and there. So my goal during the holiday season is to get back into a healthy routine that I can maintain all of next year, to lose what I've gained and to gain so much more mentally and physically. Also to not over indulge like I did last year. I actually bought a commit 30 fitness planner to help me keep track of what I'm doing.

Q: What do you think is the most underrated part of off-skate training?

Reckless Ratchet: I think the most underrated part off off skates training is people don't realize the benefits. Off skates will not only improve your overall health but also improve your on skates endurance and strength.

Debonatrix: Joint strengthening exercises. Our knees and ankles take a beating, so it's important to keep them strong. I've been doing more plyo workouts to help with that. It teaches you to land differently to protect your joints

Q: If you were giving advice to a new skater, what would you say about off-skates training?

Reckless Ratchet: If you do plan to take this sport seriously, off skates training is a must. If you are new to sports and working out in general I would just stick with on skates endurance. Find your stride and build from there. Once you have your feet under you and really want to improve your on-skates game, then start looking into training with weight and HIIT. Start with small, reachable goals.

Debonatrix: Start where you are most comfortable. Trying to keep up with everyone else is how you lose motivation and get hurt. Also mix up cardio and weight training. Both are phenomenal for you but in different ways.

Q: What's the most challenging part of training for you?

Reckless Ratchet: The most challenging part of training is finding the time to fit it into my busy life. Which I'm sure is the worlds biggest excuse but, life sure doesn't want people to be fit with all those delicious fatty foods right in front of you when you don't have time to cook a healthy meal.

Debonatrix: finding time to do all I want to do and turning down most of the sweet treats. So many holiday events with so much food!

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