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If you haven't yet heard, GCRD's Charter Team #PurpleReign has qualified for the #WFTDA Continental Cup - North America East post-season tournament!

From the website: "The Continental Cups program provides a regional postseason tournament-play opportunity for member leagues that are ranked below the rankings cutoff for the WFTDA International Playoffs." This is HUGE for us! It's our first year ever earning a spot in a WFTDA post-season tournament. We have officially reached a huge goal for ourselves! #WFTDAcups

Check out the information for the tournament below and please consider helping ease the burden of transportation costs for our teams, coaches, and support staff traveling this weekend by donating to or If unable to donate even $5, please spread the word. #SupportLocalRollerDerby

We worked hard for this and we'll continue to work hard in order to showcase our efforts, making DAYTON and Ohio proud! #WEareGemCity #DaytonStrong

August 23–25, 2019 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA Hosted by Dutchland Derby Rollers Tournament Info Tickets on sale now! Watch LIVE on

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